Inside a courtroom in the Mark O. Hatfield United States Courthouse, Portland, Oregon    (Photo by Bryan Denson)

A lawyer's guide for responding to news media

Beginning in spring 2016, Bryan Denson will offer lunchtime presentations, strategy sessions and followup consultations with law firms trying to learn how to interact effectively with news agencies.

This is not a PR course. Bryan offers instruction as a veteran insider, a national-class journalist who has spoken to thousands of lawyers from inside the newsrooms of six daily newspapers and websites from the West Coast to the Gulf Coast to the East Coast.

So . . .

What do you do when a reporter calls to say your client has just been sued and publication of a story is imminent?

How do you respond to reporters when your client faces new criminal allegations, bankruptcies or tort claims?

When is the right time to go on the record? What does on or off the record really mean?

Bryan offers a 12-point program for dealing effectively with journalists, just like him, who make those calls looking for answers.

His witty, insightful PowerPoint lecture offers real-life examples of the avoidable mistakes that law firms too often make, especially in the ever-changing landscape of digital media. Remember, in today's news, there are no deadlines.

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