Even attorneys with substantial experience in court often need someone with substantial experience interacting with the press and the public. Bryan Denson has the experience, the skills and the excellent judgment to become an important member of your legal team.
— Judy Snyder, lawyer, Portland, Oregon

Lawyers: Protect your clients in the court of public opinion 

Bryan Denson Media Consulting launched in May 2017 with a lunchtime CLE class before the Oregon State Bar.

Bryan's witty, insightful lecture teaches lawyers how to handle news media in an age of digital journalism, 24-hour news cycles, and iterative reporting. There is no room for "no comment," no margin for error, because there are no deadlines. News hits the web immediately, and your clients' reputations can be savaged in a single morning.

Bryan is the consummate insider, a working journalist who has covered criminal, civil, and regulatory matters across the United States for three decades. His goal is to show lawyers how to advocate for their clients and themselves in the court of public opinion, giving them a fighting chance to get ahead of the story. 

The winners? You, your clients, and the First Amendment. 

Bryan helps legal professionals navigate thorny situations:

  • What do you do when a reporter calls to say your client has just been sued and publication of a story is imminent?
  • How do you respond to reporters when your client faces criminal allegations, lawsuits, bankruptcies, or suspected regulatory violations?
  • What do you do when your client has already been vilified in news reports?
  • When is the right time to go on the record? What does on or off the record really mean anyway?

Bryan's CLE course and his confidential consulting services teach legal professionals how to handle those situations and many, many more.

Bryan can tell you how lawyers should respond to reporters, and he’ll make you laugh.
— Attorney Ron Hoevet, Portland, Oregon

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Inside a courtroom in the Mark O. Hatfield United States Courthouse, Portland, Oregon    (Photo by Bryan Denson)